Policy on the management of personal data

  1. The information collected by our access request forms is not stored on this site.
  2. Responses displayed as part of 'Prospects' price requests are encrypted. Decryption keys are not kept on this site.
  3. In the context of using contact forms, the data entered is not stored on this site but directly addressed to our staff (especially by email).
  4. The passwords of the different user accounts are encrypted and can not be consulted in plain text on this site. Logins and passwords are randomly generated, not related to the actual customer code of the user.
  5. No personal data (surname, first name, customer code, phone number, etc.) to identify a user or company in which he works is kept on this site.
  6. The data of the "MyData" module is encrypted. Even when they are decrypted, they do not identify the user or his company.
  7. No email system or user profile consultation has been set up on this site.
  8. For security reasons, missed login attempts or attempts to access unauthorized pages are gathered in the form of 'logs', encrypted and searchable by our employees. In this respect, Blue Gold reserves the right to suspend the accounts or to prosecute any person attempting to access confidential data, including whether the requested data is encrypted.
  9. Each user can, at any time, contact us to request the deletion of their data on this site.
  10. This site uses Google Analytics tools to provide you with the best experience possible. You can prevent the execution of these tools through your browser settings.